24 Oktober 2023

“When does your client’s structure become ‘Tax aggressive,’ and can you substantiate it effectively? An essential question for trust firms.

We are delighted to announce that Archipel Tax Advice and FirmQ have developed a Tax Quick-Scan for the trust sector!

The moral and regulatory landscape in taxation and the trust sector is evolving rapidly. Business structures that were once created and operated on a daily basis are no longer desirable or effective due to the introduction of anti-abuse legislation. When managing integrity risks, it is crucial to determine whether a client’s structure is tax-aggressive or not. Using the newly developed quick-scan in FirmQ, the tax experts at Archipel Tax Advice assess the tax situation of a target company and evaluate its compliance with the latest integrity guidelines. Archipel Tax Advice considers all relevant factors in the assessment and provides a well-founded opinion.

Since the tax quick-scan is standardized, Archipel Tax Advice and FirmQ can offer this service for a fixed fee per target company.

28 februari 2023: New feature at FirmQ

The SIRA is an indispensable tool for controlling integrity risks.

We have further expanded our SIRA module. Thanks to this tool, all risk indicators are proactively and continuously monitored.

The system generates an overview of all relevant risk factors for the entire client portfolio. Since it is 24/7 active, our clients have access to relevant data to implement the proper risk mitigating measures.

Would you like to know what our dynamic SIRA can do for you? Make an appointment. We are happy to tell you more about our system.

6 december 2022: Time to turn the wheel

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