Key features

  • ID Check

    • 24/7 check of all ID’s against fraud databases
    • On request, online identification of your customers
  • Sanction screening

    • Ongoing screening of all relevant names, countries, activities and products against national and international sanction lists
  • PEP Check

    • Client database check on a daily bases against all international PEP lists
    • 2nd and 3rd category PEP based on client research analysis
  • Background client research

    • Full background research on clients and related parties
    • UBO integrity reports
  • UBO structure analysis

    • Structure charts
    • Network analysis
    • Verification of ownership and business networks
  • Transation monitoring

    • Dynamic transaction profiles
    • Ongoing transaction monitoring
    • Reporting unusual transactions
  • Incident report

    • Incident registers and standard incident reporting
    • Root cause analysis reports
  • Document management

    • Systematic filing of client documents
    • On site preview of attached files
  • Asset overview

    • Overview of all client structure assets
    • Related party structure charts
  • Risk analysis

    • System generated risk analyses on client structures
    • Manual risk analysis on individuals
    • SIRA (systematic integrity risk analysis) on company level
  • Compliance reviews

    • System generated reports on missing data
    • Online feedback on client files by real-time compliance officers
  • Policies & Procedures

    • Complete set of policies & procedures
    • Compliance- and auditprogram
    • Education plan


The FirmQ consultants can support you with custom made advice on a broad spectrum of compliance related topics. Furthermore, we can assist you with license requirements and contact with your national supervisors.

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Our business suppliers

The FirmQ compliance back office connects relevant data of our clients with external databases and ID control systems. Some of our business suppliers are